Based Pet Food Maker Issues Another Recall

As with any food that an alert has been issued on if you have any questions or concerns please contact the manufacturer before feeding it to your dog. While the alert says it is safe it is best to get all of the facts. At this time I cannot find any other information about this alert or if the manufacturer has set up a way to exchange any food that you currently have in your possession with the above lot numbers. I looked on Facebook but there was no information being shared there or on their company food

After the 2007 recall, many new diets came on the market differentiating themselves as grain or carb free to offer the consumer an alternative to the norm, claiming carbohydrates in pet foods to be fillers with little or no nutritional value. Carbohydrates in low calorie dog food contribute to approximately 3.5 kcals of energy per gram, the same as protein per the modified Atwater method of calculating metabolizable energy. 19 The grain-free diets have created a trend toward avoiding commercial petfood as much scientific research has proved it may lead to illnesses. Commercial dog food food

Wet or canned dog food is significantly higher in moisture than dry or semi-moist food. 22 Canned food is commercially sterile (cooked during canning); other wet foods may not be sterile. A given wet food will often be higher in protein or fat compared to a similar kibble on a dry matter basis (a measure which ignores moisture); given the canned food's high moisture content, however, a larger amount of canned food must be fed. Grain gluten and other protein gels may be used in wet dog food to create artificial meaty chunks, which look like real meat. 23 Alternative dog food editdog food

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Needed. Created. Shared. Dr. Tim's Premium All Natural Pet Food lines have been formulated as a complete wholesome meal for your pet, whether they prefer to scale the couch or scale Mount Everest. The highest quality, low ash protein ingredients, along with the right blend of carbohydrates, fats and fibers allow your animal to lead a hale and hearty life. Our slow cook method produces a kibble that is extremely digestible, highly palatable and affordable. Externally applied probiotics, prebiotics and natural antioxidants help keep your pet's immune system strong. To minimize allergic reaction, corn and soy products are not used in Dr. Tim's Premium All Natural pet food food

There are specific foods for different growth levels. Puppy food is for dogs up to a year of age. They will contain more protein and calories that will give them what they need while they are growing and jumping and running. They have a constant need for energy. Because of that, dog food they should be fed at least three times a day, four if they are really on the move. Also, a larger breed puppy, such as Mastiff or Great Dane, would need a food formulated for large breeds. These formulas are specific because they allow the puppy to grow at a normal pace.